Are you aware of the dangers that the dirt and grime is causing to your carpet? You can face more problems, especially if you have recently purchased a puppy, have not yet taught him to pee outside, and he decides to pee on the carpet... soaking the carpet in the process, and leaving a pungent smell on it. The result is nearly the same if someone drops liquid on the carpet, the difference being that there is no stink. Leaving parts of the carpet wet for too long can damage its fibre. Apart from that, these damp areas are the ideal breeding ground for bacteria. Be careful while trying to dry the moist areas of your carpet. Pat the affected areas with a dry and lint free cloth or paper so that it soaks up the moisture. Switching on the air conditioner helps too, since that gadget also acts as a dehumidifier and sucks moisture from inside the room, causing the moist areas of your carpet to dry quickly.

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Be extremely careful

Never try to remove traces of liquid by scrubbing the damp area. Many carpets, especially the costly ones, contain water soluble colours, which will bleed from one area of the carpet to the other, discolouring it beyond repair. If you reside in Cambridge, your best bet is to get in touch with a professional cambridge carpet cleaning company. Their professionals have in depth knowledge about cleaning carpets. Armed with the latest gadgets required for cleaning carpets, these professionals can restore the pristine beauty of your carpet, irrespective of its make or the amount of damage it has suffered. It is surprising to see people shelling out huge amounts to purchase a Persian carpet, yet try to save money by cleaning it themselves, rather than contacting a professional carpet cleaning agency.

Do not depend on online suggestions

Cleaning carpets is not a task for those who have no inkling about the process. People often search the net for do it yourself tutorials on carpet cleaning. While there are a limited number of online sites that do provide professional advise, you have to purchase cleaning chemicals and other gadgets such as steam cleaners from them. Many online sites also sell chemicals with the claim that it cleans the stains along with the dust and grime from your carpet without damaging its fibres. You might not believe it, but a large proportion of such sites sell cleaning chemicals that contain bleach as the primary cleaning agent. It does the job properly as long as you use it to clean white coloured carpets. However, there are certain precautions that you should be aware of. Since the bleaching process fades the colour, you should never apply it on carpets made from wool, or those that are rich in colour. No doubt, you can also find fabric friendly carpet cleaning solutions on online stores, but you will need deep cleansing steam machines and extractor machines to use them. Hiring the services of a professional Cambridge carpet cleaning company works out cheaper and they also offer unlimited carpet cleaning services for a whole year.